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All products sold by Digital Junction are CERTIFIED REFURBISHED by in-house technicians, and may be new, open-box, or used. All products will include accessories required for primary functionality. Accessories provided may be used and/or aftermarket. Manuals (paper copies) may be included with the product based on availability. The provision of non-essential accessories as advertised by the manufacturerer is at the discrestion of Digital Junction, and based on availability. Products sold may not be in original packaging, or include CDs.

All software included on our products will be authentic as supplied by the manufacturer. Digital Junction will not support with teh installation of any after-market software.

Digital Junction classifies its refurbished products on industry accepted Grades. While these Grades are not industry standard, our Grading is stringent, as described below, to ensure the peace of mind of our customers.

What does New mean?

  • New means that the products are in their original packaging, and come with manufacturer warranty. All original accessories are included.
  • Digital Junction would execute the warranty on behalf of the manufacturer.
  • Products may be factory-sealed, or may have been resealed by Digital Junction. 

What does Open-box mean?

  • Open-box means that the products are almost-new, very often in their original packaging. All original accessories are included.
  • Products may have damage (due to misuse, or during handling), but has been tested by Digital Junction for functionality.
  • Open-box products may be accompanied by Grade defintions as below.

What does refurbished Grade A mean?

  • Refurbished Grade A is the very best quality that you could expect. Grade A refurbished devices are in excellent condition. Cosmetically, they show next to no signs of previous use.
  • With a refurbished Grade A phone or laptop, there might be some scuffing on the case, but the screens will be near mint with no blemishes or scratches. The products will look new, with minimal scuffing and marks on the lid, keyboard or case, and might even have the original plastic wrapping.

What does refurbished Grade B mean?

  • Refurbished Grade B is the second-best quality you can expect from a refurbished device. These products feature some light scratches or scuffs., which is the only difference from Grade A products.
  • These products will be in very good condition, but will have wear & tear from light use. Functionally, these products will have no deficiencies. Screens may have some light scratches, which are not visible during product use.

What does refurbished Grade C mean?

  • Refurbished Grade C is the lowest quality of a refurbished product that still functions as expected. Grade C products show signs of heavy use. These products will show significant scratches, dents and signs of wear and tear on the case or lid. Scratches on screen will be more prominent, and if screens have blemishes, will be indicated in the product descriptions.
  • These products have been tested thoroughly but may have some deficiencies. These deficiencies, if any, will be clearly mentioned in the product descriptions and typically include non-functional cameras or bluetooth. Digital Junction will often recycle products with such deficiencies, but in rare cases, choose to sell such products in as-is condition at deep discounts.
  • Grade C products will not be sold by Digital Junction online, and will be available only in-store upon request.
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