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About Us

Digital Junction is a Calgary based business, offering refurbished quality products at a lighter price tag. We refurbish products towards the end of their life for ‘Reuse’ and ‘Redistribution’ within the circular economic model; to reduce the impact on the planet.


We offer the following products:

  • Personal Computing systems (laptops, desktops, iMacs, etc.)
  • Parts & components for upgrades & customization for Personal computing systems
  • Televisions
  • Home appliances (Refrigerators, Freezers ( Portable ACs)
  • Cellphones
  • Music devices (headsets, headphones, speakers, etc.)
  • Accessories

Visit our SHOP for products.

CONTACT US for details, customizations & upgrades.

All our products are tested in-house by our technicians to ensure that quality is not a compromise with refurbished goods. Any deficiencies are disclosed upfront during sale. Refer to our REFURBISHING STANDARDS for more details.


Our Services are an extension of our refurbishing capabilities to our customers. Our suite of capabilities is as follows:

  • Upgrades & customizations for laptops, desktops, iMacs, & Macbooks
  • Micro-soldering & water damage repair for circuit boards
  • TV repair & refurbishing
  • Cell phone repair
  • Maintenance of your IT Systems

Our services are value-add to our products portfolio.


We have the ability to recycle &/or refurbish all electronic products and equipment, with the aim to minimize your end-of-life equipment reaching a landfill. All equipment is broken down into their individual components, which are reused where possible. We have partnerships with recycling companies to dispose of the remaining waste in the safest manner possible.

CONTACT US to discuss the disposition of your IT equipment, refurbishment planning & deployment of replacements, and service needs of your IT systems.

Individuals may drop off their electronic equipment for recycling during our operating hours.

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